November 14, 2007

Sweet Valley High book...or porn?

That's sketchy.

July 28, 2007

I find this strangely mesmerizing...

July 27, 2007

So, this week was one of the best of the summer.

First of all, I went to an amazing Harry Potter Downtown Extravaganza! dressed as a Hufflepuff with Aubrey.

I started reading Deathly Hallows right away and finished within about 3 days. I found it satisfying, depressing, and also a bit disappointing. Many people have described it as being fanfic-y and I kind of agree.

I also got to spend an entire week with Peter! I got to have him for my birthday! <3

I celebrated by stuffing my face with one and a half pounds of crab legs and drinking my first legal drink at Red Lobster. It was delicious and probably had very little alcohol in it. But it was pretty! :)

I also was legally served alcoholic beverages at a bar, and I didn’t even have to pay for them! *clink clink* to a future of alcoholism and mooching…how grand :D

Also, Best Birthday Present EVAR!!!!!!!! Aubrey crocheted me a Robert Smith doll. How amazing is she?

Speaking of amazing, on September 23rd, I get to see the Cure, FINALLY, at Madison Square Garden...freaking THIRD ROW. I hope to get jowl-sweat all the fuck over me. Plus I'm going with a friend who is as obsessed as I am with Robert Smith, and my high school English teacher XD

Ok, now for some ridiculousness!

If you have feel anxiety over the size of you man-parts (as I do every waking moment), do not despair... there is a probably (through unlikely) someone out there who is smaller than you.

...ever had one of those days where is was imperative that you live your day as a black women? Well, Lois Lane has...


Oh NOES! All the stop signs are...GREEN!

And finally, I love out-of-context comic panels that are obviously sexual.

oh're my favorite <3

July 16, 2007

So many old red-headed Nickelodeon stars...I think my head might explode!!

I want to dance around in the middle of a room and have Mark Summers throw slime all over me! And I wouldn't make out with a balding Ferguson, but when I was 11 I probably would have made out with Budnik...he worked that mullet.

July 3, 2007

This makes me really happy. I want to work at a place like this. Plus, I love this song!

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri and Vimeo.

May 27, 2007

I have stumbled upon this amazing New Zealand folk-comedy due, the Flight of the Conchords, and they sing an amazing David Bowie parody. So good.

David Bowie (the only reason you need), nipple antennae (ok, that's a pretty good reason too), LSD, fondue, and spacey-goodness!!!

Also, The Humans are dead!!! Robots have killed them all!!! OH NOES!

Gangsta-Folk-Rap...aww yea-ah. (not as good as the nerd-rap, I have to say<3)

March 5, 2007

In case you didn’t know…women smell, and it is their Own Damn Fault!

So ladies, if you smell, you better take care of it, or else YOUR HUSBAND WILL LEAVE YOU. Just sayin'.

Also, more importantly, David Bowie IS and Always Has Been the most attractive human being on this earth.


Seriously. Who DOESN'T want to tap that?!?? (well, besides me...)

Ok. Actual PROOF:

And, Look at This:

Nose kisses are so adorable. ><>

Even if you do not believe in the Bowie. You should heed Bunny's warnings...

The snow has been amazing lately. I like to run around and throw myself in it. There should be more of it, but without the wind and without the cold. I HATE wind.

It is almost Spring Break! The middle of my term sucked, but I think I rocked both my Behavioral Medicine essay exam as well as my latest stats exam. Hopefully on Tuesday, when I get those tests back I will not be sorely mistaken. I only have one more full day of Spanish, and an oral presentation. THEN I WILL BE DONE.

Spring break will hopefully mean hanging out with Aubrey and perhaps Tierney (?) who I haven’t seen in foreeeeever. And maybe a little bit of Peter. Eh. Only if I feel like it ;) I hate him.

...My body was not meant to eat so much pizza...

February 6, 2007

I....I don't know how to feel...

January 29, 2007

Ok, so haven't updated in awhile.

Chicago was amazing. School has started, and isn't as amazing. I have realized I am terrible at both Spanish and Statistics. Hopefully I never have to go into the field of 'Spanish Statistics,' because if I did, I would fail miserably. On an upside, in Spanish class recently, the readings and movie clips have been mentioning prostitution, sex, erections, and condoms. So that's cool, I guess.

Over Christmas break, I learned how to knit--sort of. At this point in time, I can make scarves. Soon I hope to upgrade to socks and mittens.

Lately, I have been drinking too much coffee and watching too much network television.

Peter and I saw Blood & Chocolate and Pan's Labyrinth last weekend.
Pan's Labyrinth was kind of amazing. It was in Spanish, and violent, and slightly distressing, but so beautiful. And it made me cry, which basically means I loved it.
There was this one scene, where a few fairies get their heads eaten by a creepy man with eyes in his hands (The Pale Man)...



and it reminded me of my favorite Goya painting, 'Saturn eating his children,' which I totally saw at the Prado :) It's strange how much I love Spain, but hate Spanish.
(Creepy coincidental side note: The man who plays the Faun and The Pale Man played one of 'The Gentlemen' in one of my favorite Buffy episodes, "Hush." So great.)

I have been searching for this forever, and now I have found it:

Yep. I think I am going to cut my hair tomorrow. Let's all pray I don't hate it and become a self-loathing crab-monster. I ate crab legs today, and they were delicious.

December 10, 2006

After much prodding and pleading, my mom finally said yes to Chicago! This makes me incredibly happy. This means in two weeks there will be Christmas, Peter time in Chicago, then back to Carleton to be reunited with my lovely Lily and Kaitlin-a-tron! I think I can remain relatively sane for the next two weeks. Hopefully I will get more (non-sick?) Aubrey time, Bre bonding, Spanish re-studying, movie watching, and get some reading in.

I realized I never posted about the amazing Decemberists concert, so now, a month or so later, I will do so. My mom drove me, Aubrey, and Javier (the Aubrey boyfriend) to U of M to pick up the Peter. After some waiting…and waiting…Peter finally broke away from his Quizbowl tournament. We ate at the Hard Rock (mmm ribs! I love me some animal carcass!) and then waited in line at First Ave. There were even Carleton people in line near us :) The opening act was Alasdair Roberts, who was very Scottish. He sang Lyke Wake Dirge beautifully. Aubrey and Javier were on a separate side of the venue as Peter and I, so we got some video from different angles. There were tall people in front of us. . .

They opened with Crane Wife 3, and then July, July. And I say your uncle was a crooked French Canadian! Aubrey got most of We Both Go Down Together, which I now forever have in my memory Aubrey and Peter singing, on either side of me, as we walked down Division. Meet me on my vast sweet untouched Miranda...

Poor Colin Meloy had the flu or something, so about halfway through the concert he had to take a short, uh, intermission. The band played a lovely rendition of “You are my Sunshine.” It was adorable. That song has a weird assosiation in my head, because my mom used to sing it to me all the time, but also, when I was in Barcelona, there were a bunch of Celtics fans singing in the Hard Rock, drunk off their asses, singing a football chant in the tune of "You are my Sunshine," but instead, the lyrics included "YOU FUCKING WAAANKER!" I miss Spain. Then the band polkaed for a bit until Colin returned.

I got the entire ending of The Island. The amp almost electrocuted Colin. We were happy it didn't.
Finally, after a shortened set, they encored with Myla Goldberg. It was an amazing show, despite Colin's illness. I can only imagine a Decemberist's concert when he's not sick and throwing up! They would probably make my head explode.

Winter Break has been a bit dull without anyone to entertain me, but it is looking up, with Christmas approaching. I am going to try to get Bre to take me to see The Holiday tomorrow. I need some female chick flick bonding. I recently went to (yet another) Aerosmith concert. My mother is in love with Stephen Tyler and Joe Perry. It’s kind of creepy, but probably less creepy than my infatuation with David Bowie. What can I say--I inherited my mother’s old man love.

Oh, and what the hell is up with everyone I knew from high school getting engaged/married? Seriously. Stop freaking me out...